Episode 43: Practice Medicine and Life on Your Own Terms

When I met today’s podcast guest I had an instant connection with her.  She shared with me that she was experiencing rapid growth and wanted to put systems and structures in place to support steady, sustainable acceleration.  She also was very particular about one thing: she wasn’t receptive to “cookie cutter approaches” and she was looking for someone to help her expose her brand in a way that elevated her unique message- not recommending powder puff commoditized marketing like had been advised to her in the past.

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So basically she was speaking my love language.

Dr. Rachel Day, a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (FAAD), founded OneSkin Dermatology in Chambersburg, PA  and her mission has been to bring care back to healthcare. Under a direct care model she is able to offer complete skin care in a personal, approachable setting for the whole family.

She believes that she is a go-to support system for her patients (and just so happens to be an ivy league trained Board Certified Dermatologist who is able to provide elite skincare and wellness recommendations) But that’s secondary.

Her approach is rooted in her belief that a purposeful partnership with patients is the foundation to achieving their skin health goals and lifestyle goals as a whole.

Her holistic approach is brought to life by offering up-to-date health, nutrition and women’s wellness services. She prides herself on her honesty, integrity, and compassion in guiding patients through their skin health journey.

You’ll hear me refer to Dr Day as “Rachel” because she insists on not being called “Doctor”.  For her that’s too formal and creates separation between her and her patients who she feels she is as much an equal.

Without further ado, please enjoy my educational and entertaining interview with the beautiful and talented Dr Rachel Day.

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