Episode 42: Hire to Grow or Grow to Hire?

Ever thought to yourself?:

“My business would be successful if I just didn’t have humans working in it”

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Regardless of the phase of business you are in, this quick and to the point episode will likely resonate for you.

I want to share this critically important lesson I’ve learned through my years of mentoring and advising business owners and leaders across the continent, and lessons I’ve learned as I’ve built and scaled my own business.

There is a big misconception that business building is simply accomplished by increasing sales revenue and acquiring patients.  And that’s understandable because most of the information out there teaches us that we are just one move away from becoming a gajillionaire.

But you simply cannot create leverage to profitably scale without a winning team.  Period.

If you are looking to build a business that is not just an exchange of your time for money, then you’re in the right place today.

My goal is to help you learn the systems to build a winning team and a successful company that will ultimately become self-led.  Everyone’s journey will look different.  But the bottom line is, if you are looking to build a business that becomes your legacy, that means you must be leading your organization with your vision and creating a growth-culture that is both mission-driven and fueled by contribution.  You can not and will not create entrepreneurial freedom without a winning team.

This week I hosted a masterclass with some ambitious fierce business leaders and I wanted to share with you one very important topic that came up from a series of popular questions

The masterclass was all about building a people plan that supports profitable growth for a business.

This question came from a young, ambitious facial plastic surgeon who currently has two staff members who are all wearing many hats in the practice.  He is at a point of hyper-growth but also wants to grow both his team and his revenue in a way that supports sustainability for the company.

Perhaps you have asked yourself this question as well:

Which comes first? Do I hire to grow, or grow some and then hire?

When I’m asked a question like this I’m delightfully surprised.  AND my answer may surprise you because while my approach is generally conservative when comes to protecting profits,  this principle in fact tied into the three overarching pitfalls I commonly see when business owners have hit a plateau or are stuck in the hiring process and managing process:

Tune in to hear 3 Common Pitfalls to Building a Winning Team.

When you have a clear people plan and a team of A players you’ll:

  • Observe what’s happening with a calmer, more confident mind with clarity in your vision the people you needed to get you there
  • Have unbreakable confidence in you team’s ability to execute the short term tactics in alignment with the long term vision (ie- they will know what they are supposed to be doing without
  • Create a ‘category of one’ growth system designed to produce consistent 6-figure revenues in his business every single month

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