Episode 40: Is Your Team “On Brand”?

I was recently asked, “what does my team have to do with my brand strategy”?

When I think back to that initial question of what does a brand have to do with a team, It’s almost laughable.  I see many entrepreneurs obsessed with building their brand personality, making cute perfect filtered instagram feeds and curated posts rather than investing time, money, and education into building a people strategy that will ultimately be the thing that gives their brand life.

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In this episode I’ll explain how your brand is directly connected to the people representing it.

There is a basic misconception that Branding is simply a visual representation of a business.  That is one element (the one by the way that is of minimal impact without the other elements) but today I want to talk with you about what a brand is and how doing the inner work to build your brand, position your brand, and market your brand are all vital aspects to developing a reputation that precedes you.  And finally, how your team plays a critical role in breathing life into your brand.

Regardless of where you are in your business lifecycle, your brand will be the organizing principle that ties together your entire presence in the marketplace.  Your team is the first line of ambassadors and liaisons to that promise- The promise you make to your clients , the heartbeat of your marketing.

If you’d like to dive into this topic a little more with me, strengthen the link between your vision and brand reputation, join me next week for a free 90 min Masterclass: Cracking the Hiring Code.

I’ll be discussing how to differentiate & elevate your brand with your next high performing team member, how to nourish your company culture, and how to build comp plans that empower your employee but also generate profit for your business you can learn more at : www.klcconsultants.com/masterclass

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