Episode 21: How to Create Key Performance Indicators

Why do we hire people?  We hire people on our team to produce wealth for our business.  So if that is true, then how do we make sure each employee is producing and perpetuating profit for our company?  We use something called KPI or Key Performance Indicators…

KPI is an important measurement of how well your business is doing.  On this podcast we really talk about leadership and my core philosophy that in order to design a lucrative, deeply-satisfying, freedom-based business (where you are not a slave to your self-created job), you must build and lead a high performing team and have systems in place to “automate” their performance.

We like to do this by answering two important questions?

  1. What are the core vital signs of my business and how do I know that we are tracking them?
  2. What are the core vital signs of this role and how do I know that we are tracking them?

Listen in to this episode to hear how we work with our Academy clients to take the business goals (the big vital signs) and reverse engineer back into key tasks that can be assigned and measured in each specific role.

If you are looking to get some strategic guidance on how to translate the vital signs of your business into tangible metrics you can book a free strategy call with me to learn more about our services and see if there is some untapped opportunity to shore up your business leadership systems to better optimize your current operations and create a win-win culture for your business and its people.

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