Episode 20: Stand Out In a Crowd with Jess Oslo

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I have a treat for you today.  Today I have the privilege to interview one of our incredible Leadership Academy clients who has absolutely crushed it in year one of her business… Jess Oslo is the Founder of Vantis Institute in Newport Beach CA.  She is tiny but mighty, you will learn for yourself, she is just a force to be reckoned with.

A year ago, she took a huge leap of faith after 11 years of working with a leading plastic surgeon in Newport Beach building his scar camouflage business when she recognized a gap or really an opportunity in the market for the marriage between scar camouflage (blending post-surgical scars with tissue) and scalp micro-pigmentation.  The result was Vantis Institute a cutting edge, proprietary solution for non-surgical, permanent hair restoration.

Jess shares how she turned her fear into fuel to turn this idea into an internationally recognized Brand serving a niche audience (by the way, with clients flying in from all over the world) and leveraged a differentiated message to stand out in a hyper saturated market.

She discusses a diagnostic formula called the “team test” she uses to find passionate employees and how she leverages diversity of experience, intelligence and opinions to bring the highest quality, most innovative products and services to life

I have had such a joy working with this company and truly admire the work she and her partners have done to shore up the foundation of this business, make bold moves, and truly capitalize on this uncertain time during the COVID pandemic.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!


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