Episode 18: My Story

In today’s episode, Kaeli discusses herself and her journey into the aesthetics field. She also talks about her personal mission and lets us in on why it’s important to fully optimize your team to maximize your growth and income.

After graduating, Kaeli was recruited for a sales position with Bayer Healthcare. This allowed her to learn the intricacies of working for a Fortune 500 company, and how corporations in general operate. Kaeli was then recruited to an aesthetics company where she found her true passion. She moved up the ladder into sales management, then to sales director heading a team of 15 women. While she loved her job and team, with two small children at home she ultimately decided to make a change for her family.

Always seeing her superpower as being able to see the big picture, as well as having an entrepreneurial spirit, Kaeli began KLC Consulting. With a passion for team building and team culture, Kaeli found her focus in helping to build her clients’ practices. During this period, she found that doctors are often lacking the skills needed to be CEO and the time to learn them.

Here, Kaeli noticed an opportunity often missed. Practice managers are underutilized and undervalued. To expand and scale the reach of your business, develop the team you already have. What people are learning at conferences is outdated for the practices of today and we need to step up and innovate.

Kaeli’s mission is to elevate the voices of practice managers and give them the platform and tools they need to help grow their business. It’s time to stop looking externally for solutions. Optimize who and what you already have to build the strong foundations of leadership and culture within your business.

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