Episode 14: Everything You Do Matters

Kaeli is talking to fifth year plastic surgery resident Dr. Deepa Bhat in today’s episode. With a double major in Spanish and Brain Behavior/Cognitive Science, Deepa is now working through her plastic surgery residency in Albany, New York. She joins to discuss residency, cultural identity and the importance of knowing the value of the small steps you take.

Beginning in medical school, the only thing Deepa knew was that she didn’t want to be a surgeon. The perception of it as predominantly male and cutthroat was off-putting. However, once she started her rotations, she was able to flip the stereotype. She saw many women in the field and found her mentors to be excellent and kind teachers.

She was immediately drawn to the reconstructive aspect of surgery and the ability to instantly impact and change someone’s life. People often have the misconception that plastic surgery is a shallow and purely aesthetic discipline. Deepa reminds us that it is an empowering tool that helps people grow their confidence and overcome hurdles.

Deepa goes on to discuss overcoming not knowing English as a young child and how difficult it was for her to navigate the school system in the US. In her residency, Deepa switched to plastic surgery from general surgery in her third year. This meant putting in extra work and taking charge of her own education to catch up to her peers.

Deepa and Kaeli end the episode by reminding you that every small step you take towards your goal matters and that you shouldn’t take any of them for granted.

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