Episode 09: You Are Worthy

Zanoli Kozlowski is the Global Director of Education for Skin Better Science. She joins us today to discuss all things aesthetics, personal growth, and naturally, “The Fierce Factor”.

Zanoli gives us her backstory on how she journeyed from South Africa to America to become a skincare guru and who inspired her along the way. She talks about how she initially went to school to study computers but made the leap into skincare, specifically in America.

Positive influences have played a large part in Zanoli’s career. We hear about how she developed her own personal brand within Skin Better Science that helped to get her where she is today. The key is to focus on personal and exponential growth, so Zanoli tells us how she manages to do that in her busy schedule.

Life coaching has always been a passion of Zanoli’s and Kaeli asks her a burning: what are the differences are between a therapist and a life coach? A TedTalk inspired Zanoli to focus on a habit called the “lollipop factor” and she explains how you can utilize it in your daily life to help see the silver linings and enjoy the journey on the way to your biggest dreams. Your “little wins” play a bigger role than you think in achieving your “big wins” and Zanoli tells us just how important they may actually be.

Ever wonder who your biggest fan should be? Find out when Zanoli weighs in on her answer – it may surprise you! Finally, Kaeli asks Zanoli what “The Fierce Factor” means to her to wrap up the episode.

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