Episode 08: The Aesthetic Reinvention

Today Kaeli shares a quick 5 minute message about why she is hosting her upcoming free 5 day bootcamp: The Aesthetic Reinvention on June 22nd.

The Aesthetic Reinvention:

For three months I have been talking about opportunity.  I have been urging you to lean in and magnetize abundance during times of economic uncertainty.  I’ve highlighted my predictions and areas for opportunity to capitalize on a market branded for scarcity while 60% of businesses were cutting back on marketing, team development, and innovation.

Here we are now on the fringe of the COVID pandemic and still learning how to adapt to the “new normal”.  But we are still living in uncertainty.  We need to address the huge elephant in the room, and that’s the FUTURE.

Now I realize my message may be polarizing for some.  There are people out there who are wondering if they will be able to keep the lights on and others whose dreams have just been crushed.. .  And then there’s the “others”… the ones who have already been contemplating  a new future for themselves.  The reality is, creating transformational change comes from making decisions that are epic.  And epic doesn’t happen by accident.  When we feel uneasy its human nature to want to shrink back to our comfort zone.  Reminds me of my Thai massage- My therapist says “no pain, no gain”…

Are you waiting to do “business as usual”?

Here’s what we know:

  • 73 million American consumers have radically shifted their personal buying VALUES
  • 60% of businesses have pulled back on marketing, innovation, and team development
  • A consumer is 36% more likely to see a marketing message right now
  • Most practices are seeing a much lower volume of patients per week due to safety and sanitization protocols
  • Messages of Trust and Safety are by leading consumer responsiveness

So what the heck do we do?  How do we adapt during times of unnerving, unrelenting uncertainty?

As humans we innately find uncertainty to be threatening state and we are motivated to reduce it, even at a cost.  Research has shown that people are calmer and less agitated when they know that they are going to receive an electric shock than when they know there is a 50% CHANCE they might receive an electric shock.  Similarly, the threat to your business could induce the same response.


I BELIEVE INFORMATION IS USELESS WITHOUT ACTION.  It’s time to Reinvent the patient experience.

Warren Buffet: “You don’t have to remake money the same way you lost it”

New Oxford American Dictionary:

Reinvention:  The action or process through which something is changed so much that it appears to be entirely new

So is there an opportunity to reinvent inside of your current business model? Or do you need to reinvent a new business model or in a new industry?

Here’s what I know…

  • You need an inspired infrastructure to build your platform
  • You need a blueprint for rebounding from turbulent times
  • You need a plan to create unbreakable patient loyalty
  • You need to unleash a high performing, profit warrior team who can HUMANIZE automation
  • And you need to create an experience that will ELEVATE your brand and position you to be peerless in your market


How will you do this?

Join me on June 22 for my 5 Day Intensive Bootcamp where we will link arms to shift the conversation and set your business up to make iconic moves that will reinvent your systems, strategy, and team set you up for exponential growth in 2020 “2.0” and forever.

What are you waiting for?  Head over to:


This is going to take place on Zoom, in our private facebook group, and on Instagram so we will be able to meet you right where you like to hang out.  Just sign up at the link and my team and I will be there to welcome you with open arms!


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