Episode 07: Success Incubation

In this week’s episode of The Fierce Factor,  Kaeli goes “behind-the-scenes” on what she’s learned from her top clients & guests on what it takes to become successful that no one’s talking about.

She refers to recent conversations with business leaders who feel “behind”,  are trying to recover, to rehabilitate, to play catch up from the COVID 19 brick and mortar business closures, and others who are just starting out are wondering when they are going to see the traction.

“HERE’S THE THING: We have a false picture about how success happens because we almost always see the result but almost never see the process….

We think if something is amazing or beautiful or brilliant then the process of achieving that must have been equally amazing.  HOWEVER, 99% of the time, it is in fact the total opposite.  The process of accomplishing something significant is usually unsexy, painful, costly, and embarrassing!

My mission in creating this podcast was to help expose this hidden underbelly of success– the grit, tenacity, fierce determination that so many of my thriving clients & guests have embodied, and exercise on a daily basis.  They’ve conditioned themselves to endure the pain of “doing it messy” enough times that this resilience has become entrenched in their DNA.

Successful people embrace the ideology that Nothing works exactly as planned, but everything works the way it’s supposed to.  (So basically they are prepared to go “all in” because they are confidently prepared to learn from their mistakes, the mishaps, or the blind spots.

They’ve developed both toughness & flexibility… so essentially they are able to bend, but not break.

A mentor of mine Eleanor Beaton would describe having the Fierce Factor as: Growing and slaying in the presence of your own imperfection.  Initiate action when you are 70% ready and do what you can with what you have when you have it….


For example: I developed my academy program when it was simply a seedling because I knew it was what our industry needed.  COVID hit and my clients needed a lower priced, higher value opportunity to have access to first in class coaching, elite business strategy, and a powerful community of other like-minded aesthetic leaders.  If I hadn’t started at 70% I wouldn’t have been able to actually build it to be the best in class program with the real time feedback and results of actual invested clients.

So if you’re feeling like you can relate to the business leaders I spoke to this week, you feel sick as hell yet have a burning fire inside of you, that’s your sign:

If you haven’t listened to episode #3 “Says Who” with Dr Sabrina Fabi- you need to go back and take 15 minutes to listen to her tell the story about how “guidance counselors” told her she wasn’t qualified to attend her dream university and that lit a fire inside of her that created an unstoppable determination to achieve just that.  And she did.

That’s her resilience.  That’s her fierce factor…. But she also talks about the path it took to achieve what she has.  Taking one small step at a time.  Remember that process we talked about?  Transformation is just something you CAN NOT RUSH.  Anyone who tells you that you can build and scale a business in 3 months is flat out lying.

Imagine a 100 foot tall palm tree.. That tree had to take root first as a planted seed.  That seed had to sprout and germinate underground.  The longer the roots are underground, the slower the tree goes, the sturdier and stronger it is.  The more beautiful and fruitful it will blossom

Imagine if you were trying to rush a pregnancy!?

The same holds true for a business.  When we are working to create something significant, it takes giving yourself the grace and serenity to try things out, to change our minds, to see what works, to make mistakes, to see what’s in alignment with the person we are… and by the way this will change!

So what can you do?  Here are five strategies I implement to help myself stay focused on the big picture but still enjoy and reap reward in the process of progress:

  1. Make moves that produce a return for your business: Invest in yourself, team, offerings, audience.

Give your investments time and space to grow.  Don’t make an investment, expect a return tomorrow and get impatient.  Don’t plant your flowers and then and start digging them up the next day to see if they are growing.

  1. Reverse engineer your goals
  2. Execute at 70% to generate momentum

I started my Instagram as an example with just a goals of making 50 posts in 90 days.  That was it.  No followers, no engagement, just doing the activity. I didn’t have the budget I have today to run paid traffic or have a Rockstar team. I just started with the action. &  the results have come.

  1. Write down your 1% growth every single day
  2. Find a colleague or coach who can hold space for the goals you are trying to accomplish

It’s so important to align yourself with people who can hold space for the person you are trying to become.  You may find that some people (perhaps even your long term team members) really like the person “you used to be”.


I might also recommend looking back at your content or schedule from a year ago and really breathe in and take note of the significant growth you’ve accomplished in just 365 days

The most valuable gift I have earned as a business owner is EXPERIENCE.  The experience of doing something once and learning from it so I can make power tweaks to perfect it the next time around.  I am fiercely confident in my ability to make decisions and take risks because I know that regardless of the outcome, I will have tried and learned.

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