Episode 05: Effective Marketing in the New Economy

Kaeli recently had the opportunity to interview friend and marketing expert Heather Terveen. Heather is founder of The Skin CEO website and podcast. She has a background as a certified laser technician and has run her own business and tech agency. Today, Heather and Kaeli discuss their top 10 tips for marketing in the new economy.

Heather is working on effective marketing with her members. Everywhere is at different stages of re-opening, often with varying guidelines. Her focus is on re-opening strategies and encouraging connection with clients. Heather explains that you shouldn’t assume clients are aware of your re-opening; don’t be afraid of over-communication.

Heather brings up the need to ensure businesses adjust prices based on shorter hours and increased hygiene practices. Your prices need to create sustainability and be based on needs.

The two talk about the added services that businesses have been providing during lockdown and the need to continue them going forward. Don’t let additional touch points for communication lapse. Marketing is often a numbers game and only a small percentage of people may see your communications. Be sure to utilize multi-channel marketing.

After, Heather and Kaeli discuss investing in the future once the initial demand tapers off. We hear a bit more about Kaeli’s 5 tips from last episode before they expand on apples to oranges pricing, conversion rates, and pain points for clients. They finish by speaking to the importance of offering free value over product and specializing the content you provide.

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