Episode 02: Bigger Than You

In today’s episode of The Fierce Factor, Kaeli shares all the sentiments she is in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. She also focuses on how businesses and people are getting used to the new, uncertain normal. She expresses how impressed she is with the ways people are adapting to the current restrictions. Even though it seems like we’re trending downwards in the economy, this could also turn into the best time in your life. What if this is your time to pursue your vision?

Kaeli acknowledges that people might lose motivation during moments of despair, so she encourages everyone to set clear goals and focus on the reasons that made them start their business or chase their goals. We hear about the importance of dreaming big during this pandemic.

Speaking about patience and persistence, Kaeli insists on finding accountability. She gives us an example of how much she benefits from having a workout trainer push her further. Then, she suggests that people in the business field find somebody to help push them along if they want to make progress. This point is important because we as people tend to be tempted to fall back into comfortable, old habits whenever we’re faced with difficult decisions.

You must have faith, either spiritual or in one’s self. Kaeli speaks to the importance of unrelenting belief that you’ll find a way to reach your goal no matter what it takes. This faith should come from deep within and you should be okay with giving up instant gratification for the sake of long-term progress.

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