Episode 01: Fierce AF

Welcome to The Fierce Factor. Join your host Kaeli Lindholm, a 10+ year corporate aesthetic executive turned business consultant. Kaeli’s mission is to help businesswomen overcome limiting barriers and find success by aligning strategies, systems, and culture to make seven figure leaps and grow the practice of their dreams.

Kaeli started her career in a male-dominated medical sales job, moving into aesthetics and then up the corporate management ladder. When she found that she couldn’t move higher up without sacrificing family, freedom, and health, she knew something had to change. The fear of failure had prevented her from starting her business sooner, but she realized no matter how many times she failed, she would keep trying until she succeeded.

Making the jump from corporate America to entrepreneurship has taught Kaeli a lot about what makes up a successful person. She used to believe the people she looked up to had some sort of special genetic factor that made them successful, but over the course of her career, she has realized the common threads for success are the courage to face your fears, overcome objections, and persevere. Kaeli calls these traits the fierce factor.

On this podcast, Kaeli will share her stories and those of other women who have overcome adversity to gain success in the business world. It is hard work to run your own business, but you have to stay true to yourself and know that with your own fierce factor, you will accomplish your goals.

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